A Complete Guide: Exterior Wall Panel for Commercial Buildings


Exterior wall panels are a durable and cost-efficient solution for commercial building owners looking to make renovations or build an entirely new structure.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which type best fits your needs while providing adequate protection from the elements.

In our comprehensive guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about exterior wall panels and their benefits so that you can find the right choice for your business.

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What is cladding?

Cladding provides a unique solution for both interior and exterior projects, making it a truly versatile option - perfect for anyone looking to bring style as well as functionality to their building. It is an unbeatable combination that makes cladding the ideal material for updating any property or creating something new using fashionable materials.

Tasteful cladding options are available in a variety of materials and colors, allowing you to update your space without compromising its existing aesthetic. The stylish edge of cladding is what will help you create a beautiful, eye-catching building inside and out.

Cladding is an important decision for anyone constructing or renovating a building. It provides safety, and energy performance, while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the structure.

These days, there is an array of options to choose from to suit all styles and budgets. From traditional brick or stone siding to innovative glass panes and panels, one can find a look that will please their eye and not break their wallet in the process.

Taking into consideration how a material weathers over time, how much maintenance it requires, and its overall cost are important considerations for cladding selection when looking ahead at long-term results. A sound choice today can keep costs low down the road as well as add value in the meantime.

Where you can use it?

Cladding is quickly becoming the go-to building material for new builds and home renovations.

Its versatility has made it a top choice among homeowners and renovation professionals alike; from its long-term durability to its energy efficiency to its customizable aesthetic appeal, cladding offers advantages that make it an ideal material for any build or renovation project.

Additionally, the cladding's natural resistance to fire and moisture permeance adds extra value to the overall project. As more homeowners become familiar with the use of cladding on their new builds or renovations, they will continue to recognize the benefits that make this material the popular choice it is today.


Why exterior wall panel is so prominent?

It protects the building from weather and provides insulation

The exterior wall panel is a material that is installed outside of a building to provide protection against the elements and insulation from their associated temperatures.

This can range from wind, rain, hail, and snow, which otherwise could potentially cause wear and tear to the outside of a building or severe defacement in extreme cases. As well as providing important protection for your home or workplace, cladding has marked advantages in terms of energy efficiency capabilities.

Through its insulation capability, it'll prevent outside temperature transfer into the inside which will keep your living environment more comfortable while reducing energy costs simultaneously. Cladding is an excellent defense option when it comes to protecting your property.

Commercial cladding panels are an attractive and essential part of a building that serves several important purposes. In some serious cases where there is a fire, cladding can help stop the spread of the blaze, potentially saving lives and property. As a result, commercial cladding is not only attractive but is an integral part of any responsible building design plan.

It creates a modern and chic external appearance

Creating an attractive exterior for your property is of paramount importance and something that you should give top consideration to. Curb appeal helps create a great first impression, one that sets the tone for any visit to the premises.

This is even more important for businesses as it can help add a sense of credibility to the brand and create a lasting memory with customers. Commercial cladding panels are the perfect way to create a variety of different styles, whether it's to fit in with the surrounding environment or set itself apart and match the purpose of the property or business branding. Therefore, cladding panels create fantastic, aesthetically pleasing curb appeal which will surely create an unforgettable first impression.

When selecting cladding panels for your property, there are plenty of options to choose from in order to communicate the desired aesthetic.

Modern, edgy, and colorful cladding panels can bring a vibrant and modern start-up vibe to a building, however, if a more traditional and stable look is preferred then one should select monochromatic panels with a clean architectural design that are in line with tradition and stability. Whatever look you're going for, there are lots of styles and colors available in order to make sure that the perfect match is found.


How to Choose Cladding for Your Building

When assessing cladding materials for a building, it is important to determine how much strength and durability are required first and foremost. Traditional materials like wood, aluminum, and vinyl provide only minimal protection from strong winds and other elements of the environment.

To ensure long-lasting protection from these forces, investing in more reliable and durable materials is recommended; this will ensure the building's long-term stability regardless of its exposure to the elements. With careful selection based on the desired level of strength and durability, one can confidently choose their ideal cladding material.

Commercial cladding panels offer an advantageous and innovative way to create a consistent aesthetic across multiple properties. Recognizable branding can be achieved through these panels, which can prove to be beneficial for franchises and other business ventures looking to stand out from competitors.

Companies have the freedom to pick from a wide range of colors, designs, and styles to better fit with the surrounding architecture, according to their exact vision. They are a useful tool when it comes to creating a memorable image that can help establish a brand in the mind of customers.

Incorporating metal cladding into the exterior of a commercial building brings modernity and strength to the structure, heightening its appeal.

From aluminum to copper and steel, architects have a range of powerful options when it comes to letting their imagination guide them in designing eye-catching facades. Naturally, there are financial considerations that come with choosing metal: although it may initially cost more, the added price is often countered by the low maintenance required due to its durable properties - including corrosion resistance. Metal panels also tend to be easy to install using fastening systems on the outside walls, and with careful treatment with a protective finish, upkeep will rarely be needed. Ultimately, investing in quality metal commercial cladding can pay dividends over time.


When the Cladding Can Be Installed

Before they finish designing their building, many people decide which cladding material to employ. Wood or steel studs are used for the exterior walls and then it is covered with plywood board or another similar type of board (unless the building is constructed from concrete or masonry).

Once this is complete, the cladding can easily be put in place on the outside where there are numerous possible options. Installation techniques may vary between materials but their application generally follows a similar procedure. Therefore, before starting construction, it is important to determine what sort of cladding will be most suited for the desired outcome.


How to Install Cladding

Wooden Boards or Shingles

Cladding any exterior building with wooden boards or shingles is an important procedure to ensure longevity and protection from the elements. It involves starting at the bottom of the structure and overlapping each row until you reach the top.

A blind nailing technique known as “cladding” is used, which means the nails are covered by the material in the row above it; this exposes nails to fewer elements, reducing corrosion and rust over time. Cladding keeps a building in good condition so that it looks better and won't need repairs more often, saving both money and effort.

Masonry and Concrete

Masonry and concrete buildings using a curtain wall system offer many benefits.

The curtain wall supports itself, creating a gap between the cladding and the building exterior. This space allows air to circulate, preventing moisture from building up within the structure since any moisture that accumulates will be channeled through drainage points at the bottom.

Furthermore, natural stone is often used for cladding materials due to its durability and appearance; slate is the most popular choice, although sandstone and marble are also excellent options. The combination of a curtain wall system with masonry cladding creates an ideal solution for buildings in need of reliable protection and aesthetic charm.


Metal cladding has become an increasingly popular choice for modern buildings due to its fireproof properties. Installation is straightforward - it simply needs to be started from the bottom and worked up toward the top.

This material is low maintenance, making it highly cost-effective. However, one minor drawback of metal cladding is its susceptibility to denting if something impacts it directly. Nonetheless, when fireproofing and the convenience of installation are taken into consideration, metal cladding is a great option for many buildings.


How to care?

Cladding an exterior wall is a simple, yet effective way to protect a building from weather damage and other external hazards. Once the cladding is installed no maintenance is required which helps save both time and money. Wall cladding is relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of protection and no need for regular checking or servicing makes it even more attractive. It can be used on various surfaces in different shapes, colors, and styles with no additional upkeep needed - providing both beautiful style and dependable security all in one.

If you're looking for a reliable, long-lasting external material for your building, you can't go wrong with aluminum cladding. Not only is it easy to maintain - it can quickly be washed down with water to look as good as new - but it is extremely durable and versatile.

It's no surprise that aluminum is one of the most popular materials used in exterior cladding materials. With minimal maintenance required, your building will remain attractive and durable for many years to come!

Building insulation plays an important role in keeping a building safe and sound. It ensures that the mechanical structure of the building is able to adapt to changing weather conditions in different regions such as extreme temperatures at either end of the year, thus ensuring the protection and safety of those who occupy the building.

Without insulation, buildings would quickly experience damage due to temperature differences and would not be suitable for habitation. The added protection granted by insulation is invaluable when it comes to maintaining a healthy and safe environment for both buildings and their occupants.


The 4 best exterior wall panels for commercial buildings

For modern commercial buildings, durable and stylish exterior wall panels are essential. To that end, there are four brands that stand above the rest.

So let's start to go over the 4 best exterior wall panels that we carefully select for you!

(1)3D Facade Cladding Panel

Exterior Wall Panel:3D Facade Cladding Panel
3D Facade Cladding Panel

3D wall panels are an incredibly versatile type of material that offers decorative and functional benefits. These panels come with three-dimensional surface patterns and rectangular shapes, which makes them perfect for covering walls and giving any room a uniform appearance.

Not only do they look good, but they also provide soundproofing and insulation. 3D wall panels allow you to quickly change the look of your space without a huge renovation project or replacing entire sections of walls. Their three-dimensional pattern adds an interesting visual element to any living or working environment.

Wall panels are a great construction solution as not only are they incredibly durable, but also easy to install and replace. With the ability to come in varied sizes, it ensures that each panel can be tailored to fit its surroundings perfectly.

While the panels can be customized for larger sizes, most commercially available panels have a maximum dimension of 2700mm x 600mm. This size has been chosen with practicality in mind as it's easier to transport, making installation even easier than before.

3D wall panels have revolutionized the construction industry due to their durable, consistent appearance that eliminates the need for additional steps such as painting or adding another material.

Additionally, the fact that only one side of the panels is generally finished means they are ideal for application on concrete walls or bricks with rough surfaces. Moreover, since fewer steps are required with 3D wall panels, not only does it give consistent aesthetic appeal but it also reduces the costs of construction.

3D wall panels are incredibly versatile for use in both residential and commercial buildings. They consist of several connected panels that can be easily assembled for a secure framework for walls, allowing for wiring and the installation of electrical outlets with the convenience of drilling holes. This makes these panels a useful and efficient option when you need to quickly install walls that offer safety and privacy for your building.

(2)Aluminum Facade Cladding

Exterior Wall Panel:Aluminum Facade Cladding
Aluminum Facade Cladding

Aluminum panels are fast becoming the top choice for cladding solutions due to their low weight and rigidity. This low-maintenance solution also offers UV-stable and waterproof protection for any building, making it a popular choice for building owners.

With the versatility to be cut, rolled, perforated, folded, punched, and drilled into various shapes and sizes, aluminum panels provide an attractive aesthetic with plenty of design options. Their low-maintenance appeal makes them increasingly popular among those seeking practical yet visually appealing cladding solutions.

Aluminum is arguably one of the safest building materials to use for cladding, as it is non-combustible, meaning it has great fire resistance.

Not only that, aluminum will never rust because when exposed to air a special oxide coating forms on its surface that acts as a protective layer against any type of corrosion.

This makes aluminum an ideal choice, especially in regions with high humidity and salt concentration in the air. Thanks to its non-combustible and non-rusting properties, cladding constructed out of aluminum will serve durable applications for long periods of time.

Aluminum facade cladding has become an increasingly popular material for both interior and exterior decoration in recent years. Due to its lightweight, durability, and insulation properties, aluminum facade cladding is the perfect choice for walls of any sort.

Whether it be a hotel, villa, shopping mall, entertainment avenue, hospital, or museum - aluminum facade cladding Elevates the appearance of any building's walls while also providing superior performance value over traditional materials such as wood or concrete.

The lightweight characteristic makes it easier to install and maintain than other building materials; its durability ensures that there are rarely ever repair issues, and its insulation properties help maintain comfortable temperatures within buildings. Aluminum facade cladding is a cost-effective yet visually attractive way to raise the appeal of practically any structure.

(3)Laser Cut Facade Panel

Laser Cut Facade Panel
Laser Cut Facade Panel

Laser cutting used to be reserved for diamond mines and aerospace technology, but has since seen increasing frequency in the world of architecture. It has revolutionized the way architects approach model-making, as it is much quicker and more precise than other methods used in the past.

Laser cutting takes a fraction of the time to complete a project when compared to hand-cutting, making it extremely cost-efficient. With its rapid adoption among architects, there is no doubt that laser cutting will remain at the forefront of architectural design well into the future.

In modern construction, laser cutting technology has enabled material fabrication to become more precise and efficient. From the initial design phase to the final construction project, laser cutting tools are being utilized in a wide array of real-world construction scenarios.

High-end paneling and decorative patterns can now be achieved with precision and accuracy which was previously impossible. Laser cutting is revolutionizing the way we implement intricate designs into our completed projects and changing the landscape of our built environment.

(4)Perforated Facade Cladding

Perforated Facade Cladding
Perforated Facade Cladding

Perforated facades offer architects and designers a unique creativity tool when it comes to lighting. By allowing light to enter the building, the potential for creativity is enhanced - whether it be through projections onto an external wall or using iconic graphics on the façade itself. Installing lighting between the building and its facade gives architects an additional avenue to express themselves and allows them to think outside of traditional methods.

If carefully planned and deployed, this strategically placed light can provide a powerful form of branding, as well as be aesthetically pleasing. For those who are living or walking around such structures on a daily basis, this type of creative lighting provides an opportunity to add vibrancy and magnificence to any exterior environment.

Perforated wall coverings are an innovative and effective solution to combat trapped moisture and reduce the risk of mold. These materials have tiny holes punctured into them, which allow trapped moisture to escape and evaporate into the air. This dissipates any trapped moisture, preventing it from accumulating in corners and becoming a breeding ground for mold.

Overall, when incorporated into a building's design, perforated wall coverings are a surefire way to maximize air circulation and ensure a safe living or working environment.

Exterior Wall Panel Manufacturers for Reference 

If you are looking for superior-quality exterior wall panels, look no further. We recommend a few fantastic manufacturers that have a wealth of experience and specialized expertise in the field.

With outstanding craftsmanship and highly trained staff, these companies provide the highest level of customer service while ensuring top-quality products.

Their attention to detail ensures they meet the individual needs of each client, so you can be sure you will be getting exceptional results. With such experienced professionals leading the way in exterior wall production, you can trust that your project is in good hands.

#1 Kingspan

Kingspan is at the forefront of the construction and building industry, providing best-in-class solutions for a variety of projects in the premium architectural, commercial, and industrial, as well as cold storage markets. As an industry leader, Kingspan recognizes the importance of sustainability and aims to significantly reduce its environmental impact through aggressive NetZero targets.

Their commitment to reducing their ecological footprint makes them a trusted partner for customers all over the world seeking high-efficiency products and systems with minimal energy consumption.

#2 Spring Valley Corp

The Spring Valley Corp team, under the leadership of Eric Sommer with a 35-year career in construction, is focused on delivering top-quality products and developing unique solutions for various projects and applications.

As a reflection of its relentless pursuit of success in construction projects, the team has been carefully selected based on years of experience in project management, materials science, and engineering in order to support an owner, design team, and construction team with design assistance, product knowledge, and necessary construction details.

With top-quality goods and unique solutions created by this experienced team, Spring Valley Corp sets its sights on taking your projects to excellence.

#3 American Fiber Cement Corporation

AFCC is dedicated to offering the highest quality fiber-reinforced cement building products available. As the Master Distributor of Cembrit's line of products for North America, AFCC is committed to excellence. Cembrit, who has specialized in the manufacture of fiber cement building materials for 80 years, is committed to providing only the highest quality products, and this commitment leads them to continually adapt and advance their production processes.

To that end, a brand new state-of-the-art production facility set to open in spring 2016 will be able to meet customer requirements with even greater impressive standards.

For over 30 years, AFCC has committed itself to excellence when it comes to technology for facade cladding, interior paneling, and surface design in North America. Their unwavering dedication has helped them launch their latest innovation: the R-TEC attachment system.

This cutting-edge system is unmatched in terms of versatility; not only is it able to accommodate a variety of different cladding materials, it can also handle foam or mineral wool insulation with ease. In short, AFCC's R-TEC system is revolutionizing the world of facade cladding.

American Fiber Cement offers a wide range of durable and long-lasting products, all covered by comprehensive warranties. Having peace of mind with a reliable warranty is an invaluable asset to anyone looking for the best products available.

The company also prides itself in providing a technical support team, available to answer any questions architects or installers may have throughout the project. On top of this, they offer practical on-site training during project start-up to make sure that customers get off on the right foot and gain a full understanding of their product.

#4 EQUITONE Facade

Every detail matters when it comes to designing the perfect façade. Equitone is an exceptionally versatile material range that enables flexibility, creativity, and sophistication to realize any design vision. Developed with and for design architects and manufactured in Europe since the 1950s, every Equitone façade panel is unique, showcasing the raw texture of its Eternit fiber cement base material.

Whether you opt for texture details such as perforation, printing, or sanding, all details are crisp and monolithic when executed with colored Equitone materials. Since this range comes in a maximum panel size of 10 feet by 4 feet (3100x1250mm), they can easily be transformed into any shape or size to suit the desired façade modulation.

With different fixing techniques such as riveting, screwing, gluing, and even invisible mechanical fixing on metal or wood supporting frames available – the possibilities are endless!

#5 Centria

For over a century, CENTRIA has been delivering advanced architectural systems, building envelopes, and innovative building solutions. Their advanced thermal and moisture protection technology is at the forefront of the industry, designed to afford some of the world's finest commercial, institutional and industrial establishments a dramatic edge.

With an extensive line of exterior metal products and services at our disposal and highly trained technicians on staff, CENTRIA is fully equipped to meet even the most stringent demands in terms of performance and aesthetic appeal.

#6 Keenhai

Foshan Keenhai Metal Products Co., Limited is a professional and respected solution provider of metal architectural decoration. As a highly-regarded enterprise, they are always dedicated to providing excellent services in the form of design, engineering, and OEM fabrication including metal facade cladding, interior wall cladding, metal ceiling, roofing systems, sun louvers, fences & rails.

Their cutting-edge products offer high-quality assurance and safety for clients’ projects. It is no surprise that Foshan Keenhai Metal Products Co., Limited enjoys such an outstanding reputation in its field.

With professional designing, engineering, and fabricating teams; advanced fabricating equipment; large fabricating plans of up to 15,000 ㎡; and years of manufacturing capacity for over 100,000 ㎡ cladding panels, 300,0000 ㎡ metal ceilings, and 50,000 ㎡ other metal architectural products this company is a professional and respected solution provider in the field of architecture.

They guarantee a feasible proposal once an order is confirmed accompanied by their CAD drawing services. Put your confidence in them for any architectural needs you may have.



In this guide, we have looked at exterior wall panels and how to choose and install them.

Selecting a manufacturer which is full of experience, professional, and willing to give you a perfect and practical solution is pretty vital because the manufacturer will play an important role in the whole process. If they provide cladding that is durable and high-quality, it will save you a great deal of money to maintain. It can't be better if they have their unique and aesthetic opinion about the appearance of the buildings which makes your buildings enhance the aesthetic feeling.

We hope that after reading this article, you now have a clear mind about exterior wall panels and how to choose the right ones for your home.

If you have any questions or ideas about exterior wall panels, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you!




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