A Comprehensive Guide of  Exterior Wall Cladding Suppliers


Cladding is an additional material that is affixed to the structure of a building and serves as the exterior surface of that structure. While it doesn't actually play a structural role, it does have a direct impact on building safety, energy performance, and aesthetics.

It may not sound fancy, but cladding actually plays a big role in curb appeal and routine maintenance costs, which is why choosing the right commercial cladding panels is so important.

Different materials of cladding can be used to make different effects, such as 3D effects.

It is widely used in high-end shopping plazas, hotels, modern buildings, etc. because of its low maintenance cost, resistance to various weather changes, and good thermal insulation properties.

Choose aesthetically designed exterior wall cladding from exterior wall cladding suppliers to enhance the aesthetics of your building and break the monotony.

When you make up your mind to buy or wholesale exterior wall cladding from an exterior wall cladding supplier, there are many options to choose from because there are so many choices in the market.

On the one hand, you need to pick the best quality exterior wall cladding at affordable prices, and on the other hand, you must also choose a reliable wall exterior cladding supplier.

Don't worry, this blog can help you with that. By following the content below, you may get the information you need to choose your product and exterior wall cladding supplier.

Exterior Wall Cladding Design Ideas

Exterior wall cladding is a must for any structure, as it provides resistance to the elements and temperature variations. In addition, it offers an aesthetically pleasing look and is an environmentally friendly option. There are many types of exterior wall cladding available, ranging from bricks to siding and beyond. Each type of cladding offers unique qualities in terms of resistance and aesthetics. However, knowing which one is best suited to your building project can be tricky.

Fortunately, there are several suggestions that can help you achieve the desired effects - whether you want to create a modern structure or a traditional one. With so many types of exterior wall cladding available today, not only do you have plenty of options when it comes to creating custom looks but also peace of mind in knowing that your building will be durable and able to withstand the test of time.

Exterior 3d Solid Aluminum Panel Facade for Decorative Buildings

exterior wall cladding
Exterior 3d Solid Aluminum Panel Facade

3D wall panels have become increasingly popular lately due to their versatility and decorative appeal. Not only do they look great, but they also provide insulation and soundproofing benefits. With a three-dimensional surface pattern and rectangular shape, these panels are perfect for covering walls and creating a uniform, polished appearance in any room.

Furthermore, 3D wall panels allow you to quickly change the look of a space without needing to undergo an extensive renovation project or replace an entire section of the wall - making them extremely cost-effective and ideal for renovations on a budget.

3D Wall Panels are an ideal building solution because they offer both durability and convenience. Not only are they durable, but they’re also easy to install and replace - so you can have the design you want without spending a lot of time or money doing it.

Plus, their versatility in terms of size really stands out - with panels for sale commercially that can be as small as 200mm x 600mm or up to 2700mm x 600mm, you’ll definitely find something that fits into your desired space perfectly. No matter which size panel you get, one thing is certain - installing them is easy, thanks to their reasonable size. This makes the entire process more manageable and cost-effective in the long run!

The construction industry is being revolutionized by the use of 3D wall panels, as they provide aesthetic appeal without the need for additional treatments, such as painting or layering on other materials. What makes these panels so advantageous is that they are typically treated on one side only, meaning they can be applied to concrete walls and rough surfaces with ease.

In addition to aesthetic appeal, using 3D wall panels reduces construction costs drastically as fewer steps are necessary for comparison to traditional treatments. This makes them a cost-effective and efficient tool for any construction project.

3D wall panels are an attractive, quick, and easy-to-install solution for residential and commercial buildings alike. A great alternative to traditional wall constructions, they comprise several connected panels that can easily be assembled into a secure frame, making setup a breeze.

Thanks to their design they also facilitate wiring and the installation of switches or electrical outlets without needing extra drilling, meaning you can quickly add in additional power outlets where needed. Whether you are short on time or laying out your plans for your dream home, 3D wall panels offer a versatile and practical solution.


Custom Museum Laser Cutting Decoration Aluminum Facade for Outdoor

exterior wall cladding
Laser Cutting Decoration Aluminum Facade

Laser-cut aluminum cladding panels are highly sought after today due to their lightweight and eco-friendly workability. These panels offer an infinite level of customization, allowing them to merge engineering and art into a single product that enhances the architectural and decorative design of any building.

They are also incredibly simple to install, with laser-cut facade systems ensuring long-term service. Additionally, these panels can be used for signage, commercial branding, and interior design purposes; they also complement glass curtain walls and minimize UV radiation.

Aluminum facade systems offer a host of benefits that make them a viable solution for a variety of projects. Benefiting from being a very light but strong material, aluminum contributes to the strength of a structure while also reducing its weight. Being resistant to weather conditions and rust, as well as being very flexible, it provides a durable and reliable option for those who rely on their building's structural integrity.

As a result, it can be a great choice for those looking for a contemporary facade design that combines the necessary support with optimal aesthetic appeal. With a wide range of products available from specialist providers, architects can find a suitable system that meets their requirements no matter the project.


Exterior perforated aluminum panel facade

exterior wall cladding
Exterior perforated aluminum panel facade

Our perforated façade products are designed to offer an unprecedented level of flexibility, allowing you to create exciting shapes and use energy-saving shading solutions on external façades. With the variations in profile, you can also make unique designs both indoors and outdoors, producing exciting lighting effects and implementing acoustic measures as desired. Take advantage of our versatile perforated façade products and create unique designs that will stand out.

Perforated facades offer countless possibilities in terms of material, color, and profile geometries. This allows you to create a unique overall design that changes with the incidence of light, the position of the sun, or special lighting. Additionally, built-in lighting can be used as a stylistic device to highlight the characteristics of your transparent facade. High-quality aluminum is used to create these perforated facade profiles and can be formed into standing seam and corrugated profiles, facade panels, and facade composite panels. Our experienced team is available for consultation to help you find the perfect hole pattern for your particular structural requirements.


Custom design full decorative aluminum solid panel for new shopping mall

exterior wall cladding
decorative aluminum solid panel

An aluminum solid panel is an excellent choice for a variety of cladding needs due to its advantageous features. Firstly, it comes pre-fabricated and can be installed quickly and easily with just an installer following the fitting instructions in the shop drawing provided. Secondly, it is non-combustible as it is made from aluminum, making it a very safe material that can be used on high-rise buildings all around the world.

Additionally, its design potential adds more value to the material thanks to its ability to be modified into various shapes such as different types of perforation, curves, and 3D features which add depth and individuality to any building. Furthermore, once no longer needed it can be recycled into ingots to avoid filling landfills which only adds to its appeal.

Aluminum Solid Panel is an increasingly popular material due to its numerous applications. It offers extreme design flexibility and long-term sustainability - making it an ideal solution for many projects. Commonly used for cladding the facades of large buildings such as shopping malls, convention centers, and airports, the aluminum solid panels can be seen in everyday cases, delivering a high standard of performance.

Such panels also provide exceptional results for creating attractive ceilings or interior walls where perforated aluminum coupled with proper neon lighting can capture stunning visuals. As such, it has become an invaluable asset to the industry and its popularisation continues to shine through in many areas of the built environment.

How to find a good exterior wall cladding company wholesale

When it comes to finding a good construction company quickly, there are three key characteristics to look for.

(1)Check the qualification and business license

When deciding upon a company to conduct construction, renovation, or home furnishing work, it is important to go through the formal processes of verification. Begin by double-checking that the company has a valid business license issued by the local industry and commerce department, ensuring that it has been issued in a timely manner.

Next, consider whether the company's name on the business license corresponds with its operational name. If there are plans for design work too, make sure to investigate their design qualification. For small and medium-sized industrial buildings and villas especially, further, inquire as to any necessary construction qualifications - these are generally A or B level - as well as a safety production license.

(2)Whether there is a formal contract and formal invoices

Working with a reputable company will ensure that you have peace of mind during and after the project. A standard contract written according to local regulations and a valid invoice issued upon completion is essential elements.

They provide an official document for legal protection in case of disputes, evidence of contract agreement, assurance that the company will work toward your desired outcome, and offer normal warranties and customer service. Working with companies that only issue receipts or make verbal promises can bring about risk and uncertainty.

(3)Ask for their renovation quote

Finding a good construction company is paramount if you're looking for an accurate renovation quote. Reputable firms typically have a developed pricing structure that includes itemized costs of labor, techniques, and materials used in the project.

Transparency of these elements is essential to ensure that all expectations are met. Good companies are open to negotiation on certain aspects, so be sure to research thoroughly before coming to an agreement.

(4)Talk with the receptionist

Meeting with a receptionist at a reputable company can be a great way to understand the vision of the business and the quality of their work. Since receptionists typically have extensive knowledge of home decorating, they are able to provide solutions to everyday troubleshooting questions on the spot.

Furthermore, talking with them about your thoughts and expectations for the finished product will get you closer to making an educated decision. Receptionists are also able to provide samples of their best-quality work which you can use for reference when making a final verdict.


There are various types of architectural businesses, each differing in the nature of its operations. Large firms are typically full-service providers and undertake complex industrial, commercial, and residential projects from the initial design stages through to construction completion. But mainly, people are used to distinguishing into three types.

Three Types of Construction Company

Before selecting a construction company, it is important to consider three factors that will help you identify a good contractor.

(1)Online-based construction companies

Online-based construction companies, as the name suggests, operate solely on the Internet and usually do not have physical stores. They accept orders online and then send them to offline partnered construction companies or militias, who are responsible for the actual construction work. The most attractive feature of such construction companies for consumers is their price advantage over physical stores; they are usually cheaper.

However, it is impossible for such companies to guarantee quality and post-sale services due to their nature, which can be a critical problem for customers should any issues arise after the construction has been completed - there is no easy way to find someone responsible.

(2)Traditional building companies

Traditional building companies offer a sense of security and peace of mind, with physical storefronts and the ability to contact them if something doesn't go as planned.

Unfortunately, these types of companies typically focus solely on construction and not design. Everything must be ready beforehand to present the company with your needs, which makes this type of service less ideal for those inexperienced in design or who lack the time to get it all sorted beforehand.

(3)One-stop construction companies 

Working with a one-stop construction company that fuses design and construction services together can be an incredibly efficient way to move forward with a project. By having the right personnel on staff, you can rest assured that the entire project will run smoothly - from conception and schematics through to the completion of the task. However, before signing off on any agreement, it is essential to keep in mind that the fee for design will generally be separate from any charges associated with the construction services provided.

Furthermore, some construction companies may advertise free design work as part of their package; however, in most cases, they are not to be trusted. A low price tag often reflects a low quality of service too; when looking for a designer, it’s best to invest in something that offers value for money.


When deciding which type of construction company is right for your project, careful consideration should be taken. Each type of company will offer different benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to determine which factor is most important in the context of your building needs. For example, if you are on a tight budget and require a low-cost solution, working with a larger organization might be ideal since they may have the resources to get the job done at a lower cost.

Conversely, if you prefer more personalized attention and a higher quality finished product, you may wish to explore working with an independent contractor who can devote more resources to each element of the job. Whichever type of construction company you decide to go with, make sure that their reputation is reliable and that their work ethic aligns with yours. Whatever decision you make will have lasting impacts on your project, so ensuring a quality partnership is key.


Reliable Exterior Wall Cladding Suppliers from China

For anyone in need of exterior cladding, China is a perfect destination. We have conducted thorough research to provide you with the most reliable suppliers the country has to offer. Our selection of five companies is second-to-none when it comes to their industry expertise and high-quality products.

With their competitive pricing options and ability to achieve delivery goals, these exterior cladding suppliers from China should definitely be given serious thought for any future project.


TOPSON, a leading metal manufacturer under the TBK Group, has developed 15 years of experience since its establishment in Foshan China. Being commended for their trustworthiness, TOPSON’s factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for surface treatment production lines and the Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD color coating) production line. Moreover, it is reinforced with a branch office(TBK) in Qatar consisting of two specialized teams—a team of sales engineers proficient in project management and engineering, as well as a team of installation staff highly trained at project installations. This allows TOPSON to be able to offer the most exceptional quality and services beyond expectation.

TOPSON is dedicated to bringing decorative pieces of art to homes, businesses, and projects across the world through their decorative sheets. Their factory is equipped with a variety of surface treatment production lines and a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD color coating) production line to meet their decorative needs. Through these various production lines, TOPSON decorative sheets are applied with various decorative finishes such as hairline, No.4 satin, mirror, etching, bead blast, and embossed finishes, and also technology-augmented colors such as hairline gold and mirror etching rose gold. To meet decorative demand on any scale, TOPSON brings together a wide range of decorative possibilities.

TOPSON has a full set of fabrication facilities available including plate cutting, laser cutting, grooving, drilling, punching, bending, welding, and polishing. In addition to their capabilities in perfect surface treatment and color coating, TOPSON has the expertise to complete stainless steel, steel, and aluminum fabrication works to the highest standard with minimal turnaround times. Their commitment to excellent customer service ensures that their clients have full confidence in their projects from start to finish.



Founded in 2000, Linyi Chenyu New Material Co., Ltd is committed to the production of wood-based finishing materials. Located in the bustling city of Linyi -- known as the 'Famous Commercial City' and 'Logistics Capital' due to its excellent transportation network – they have been able to harvest the diverse business that comes with such a well-regarded location.

Moreover, as part of their commitment to providing quality workmanship and products, they have access to a full set of fabrication facilities ensuring precision and efficiency when producing their goods.

With their expertise and specialized production, they have emerged as a leader in aluminum-plastic plate and aluminum veneer manufacturing. Their dedication to research ensures the highest quality products, custom-made to suit customer requirements in over thirty countries around the world--from Latin American nations to Europe and Africa.

Boasting independent international import and export capabilities, they have been well received across each region they touch; indeed, customers from all corners of the globe hold them in high esteem.



Since its inception in 2012, Unifloor is driven to deliver the highest quality in its WPC products. From composite deck tiles to composite cladding and composite fencing, Unifloor has adhered to strict quality standards with the promise of quality assurance for all its products.

To ensure durability and long-lasting performance, these products are supported by innovative technology and come with a ten-year warranty. Quality certifications are assured through rigorous tests administered by reliable and reputable authorities - providing peace of mind when choosing Unifloor's products.

The current market demands eco-friendly products that are safe, durable, and low-maintenance, and Unifloor WPC products fit the criteria perfectly. Manufactured with recycled wood and plastic, Unifloor WPC products have become a trusted go-to source for decorating outdoor spaces due to their unique features.

With its unparalleled strength, resistance to staining, and other environmental factors, the worry over deterioration or maintenance costs of Unifloor WPC is almost eliminated while providing an environmentally friendly solution to outdoor decorating needs.

#4Bor Aluminyum

Bor Aluminyum's journey in the industry began in 1997, with the establishment of their own facility in Çerkezköy / Tekirdag. The company chose to take the path of ingot casting as its first step into the manufacturing and production sector, thus pioneering a new form of aluminum production.

With their expertise in this domain and immense commitment towards customer service, Bor Aluminyum has become a trusted partner of many esteemed organizations across various industries. They are now recognized as pioneers in offering precision aluminum parts and subsequent services that aim to meet all requirements.

In 2008-2009, Bor Aluminyum made a successful new investment by deciding to establish its own profile facility. After completing construction, infrastructure, and machinery investments which began the same year, Bor Billet was able to begin production of aluminum billets with recycled products as well as imported ingots.

By starting to export these billets abroad and add new ones to its customers in the country, Bor Aluminyum has been able to fulfill production deficits of domestic profile facilities in addition to outsourcing casting since 2010. This investment has allowed them to establish a noteworthy position in profile production.


For over a decade, our team has been providing cutting-edge one-stop solutions and engineering support for varying Architectural decoration projects, including aluminum facade cladding, glass glazing curtain walls, metal ceiling systems, metal garden fencing and gates, metal balustrade and railing system, building entrance canopies, ventilation sun lover systems, corten steel wall cladding and landscaping items.

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of architects, property developers, builders, civil contractors, or fit-out contractors alike - even small owners of villas or restaurants can receive professional proposals from our experienced team. With all the necessary materials on hand and an emphasis on excellent customer service as well as innovative product design, we strive to produce the best results for your project.

The dedicated efforts of our marketing team over the past eight years have helped to propel our business to a global presence. Our reach now extends across continents, including both developed and developing countries such as Canada, USA, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Singapore, Turkey Thailand France Germany Spain Italy Holland Russia Brazil Mexico, and many more.

This success is a testament to the hard work of our marketers who have enabled our company to connect with customers around the world.



As a construction professional, it is of paramount importance to identify reliable suppliers when it comes to exterior wall cladding. It can be challenging for those who are unfamiliar with this particular process; however, we have provided helpful guidance to assist you in your search. The article specified outlines possible measures one should take, such as cautious and thorough research of cladding manufacturers and their supplied goods, as well as vetting their customer service levels.

Ultimately, your decision should be informed by the quality of the supplies and services the supplier offers. We trust that the provided direction has been beneficial in helping you make informed decisions regarding exterior wall cladding suppliers. Any relevant thoughts or feedback would be gratefully welcomed.




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