Decorative perforated facade cladding

Decorative perforated facade cladding is an excellent way to enhance the appearance of a building while providing functional benefits.

This architectural solution is widely used in both commercial and residential constructions, and it offers numerous design possibilities and benefits.


Perforated facade cladding adds an element of depth and texture to a building's exterior, creating a visually stunning and dynamic look. The perforations in the cladding also serve a practical purpose, allowing for natural light and ventilation to enter the building while reducing the amount of solar heat gain.


Different materials can be used for decorative perforated facade cladding, including metal, wood, and glass. Each material has different properties that affect its durability, maintenance needs, and visual appearance.


Metal cladding, including aluminium and stainless steel, is a popular material for perforated facade cladding due to its durability and low maintenance needs. The material can be finished in a range of colours and textures, allowing for customization to match any design aesthetic.


Wood cladding offers a natural appeal and can be used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. However, it requires regular maintenance to keep it in good condition.


Glass cladding is a contemporary option that is lightweight and provides a sleek, modern look. It can also be made with varying degrees of transparency, providing privacy while still allowing light to filter through.


Beyond the aesthetic benefits, perforated facade cladding can also improve a building's energy efficiency. By reducing solar heat gain and allowing natural ventilation, HVAC systems can be used more efficiently, leading to cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.


Overall, decorative perforated facade cladding is an excellent architectural solution that offers functional benefits and enhances the appearance of any building. With a range of materials and design possibilities, it's a versatile choice for both commercial and residential constructions.

    Product Features

    Type: Curtain Walls, Curtain Walls, Metal Curtain Walls

    Warranty: 1 Year

    After-sale Service: Online technical support

    Project Solution Capability: graphic design

    Application: Hotel

    Design Style: Modern

    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

    Brand Name: Keenhai

    Model Number: KH-653

    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

    Thickness: 0.5-3 mm or Customized

    Materials Name: Building Facade


    Interior, Outdoor Wall Cladding Decoration

    Place: Building, Hotel, Office, Room, etc

    Colour: PVD Bronze, Rose Gold, Blue, Black, Etc


    Mirror, Hairline, Embossed, Etched, PVD Colored

    Sheet Grade: Aluminum Alloy AA1100, 3003, 3014, 5005, 5015, 6063 etc


    Building Decoration Facade Panel


    Coating thickness


    Coating Color

    Any colour/stone/wood grain/ other

    Sheet thickness

    Thin sheet:0.15-2.0mm

    Normal sheet:2.0-6.0mm

    Middle plate:6.0-25.0mm

    Protective film

    As you requirement can print the logo



    Package weight


    Surface treatment

    Akzo Nobel/PVDF/Powder coating/other





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