Aluminum Sliding Door

Are you considering upgrading your home's doors? Have you considered an aluminum sliding door? Not only do they provide a sleek and modern look, but there are numerous benefits to having an aluminum sliding door in your home.
Firstly, aluminum is a durable and long-lasting material. Unlike wood or other materials, aluminum is resistant to weather and won't rot or warp. This means that your door will maintain its appearance and functionality for years to come. Additionally, aluminum is a low-maintenance material that is easy to clean and won't require regular upkeep.
In addition to its durability, aluminum sliding doors offer a sense of security. They are designed to be sturdy and reliable, which means that your home will be safe and secure when the door is closed. Additionally, a sliding door can be fitted with strong, modern locking mechanisms to provide an extra layer of security.
Aluminum sliding doors also provide natural light and outdoor views. They are typically made with large panes of glass, which allow for plenty of natural light to enter your home. Plus, sliding doors offer a great view of the outdoors and give a sense of spaciousness to your home.
Another benefit of an aluminum sliding door is its energy efficiency. Because they are typically fitted with double or triple glazed panes, they can minimize heat loss and reduce the need for heating in the winter. This can lead to significant savings on your utility bills and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.
Finally, an aluminum sliding door can elevate the overall aesthetic of your home. The sleek and modern look of an aluminum sliding door can add a touch of elegance to any room, and they can provide a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.
Overall, an aluminum sliding door is a great investment in your home's value, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. With its durability, security, natural light, energy efficiency, and sleek design, it's a clear choice for those looking to upgrade their residential doors.

Product Features

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: Keenhai

Model Number: KH143 Series Sliding Door

Door Material: Aluminum Alloy

Warranty: More than 5 years

Feature: Thermal Insulation

Surface Finishing: Finished, Finished PVDF

Opening Method: Side Opening

Door Type: Glass

After-sale Service: Online technical support

Main Material: Aluminum Alloy

Project Solution Capability: graphic design

Application: Exterior, Villa building apartment Hospital, etc

Design Style: Modern

Product name: Hurricane Proof Impact 4 Tracks Large Glass Aluminum Sliding Door

Material: Thermal break aluminium profile

Aluminium thickness: 2.2mm

Glass Type: Double Glazing Tempered Glass

Glass Thickness: 5mm+27A+5mm

Quality Warranty: 5-10 years

Colour/Size: Customized according to your requirements

Advantage: Impact resistant



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