The Best List of 10 Interior Wall Cladding Options


Nowadays,  there is a rising phenomenon that people prefer applying interior wall cladding for modern public areas. Those people firmly hold the view that the price point for interior wall cladding is relatively low and they require minimal maintenance. Plus, by using these modern materials, there are countless ways to customize their look and feel. Interior wall cladding provides a unique way to bring visual interest into any room as well as ensure durability for years to come. However, you may probably be confused about the appropriate manufacturer for you. Therefore, we write this blog to introduce 10 manufacturers with good reputations so that you are capable of finding the interior wall cladding which exactly meets your needs.

In this blog, we will explain the reason why we choose interior wall cladding and list the top 10  interior wall cladding options of manufacturers.

Trust me, after reading this blog, you will not feel confused anymore about which manufacturer for interior wall cladding you are going to choose.

The Reason Why We Choose Interior Wall Cladding and Its Strength 

Wall cladding has gained immense popularity due to its ability to give walls an elegant appeal. Besides providing aesthetics, wall cladding also serves as a protective layer that safeguards surfaces from weather and pests while also offering increased insulation.

Practically speaking, it is easy to clean and maintain, thanks to its minimal upkeep requirements. Moreover, installing wall cladding can help improve the overall structural stability of a building. All things considered, it is clear that wall cladding is an integral part of today’s construction industry for both commercial and residential properties alike.

Interior Wall Cladding Options
interior wall cladding for modern buildings

Interior wall cladding can provide many benefits, including:


Architects and interior designers have found a new way to keep walls looking great all year long: interior wall cladding!

This easy-to-install material is both scratch and stain-resistant, meaning that it's easy to maintain no matter what you throw at it. Common issues such as food stains, handprints, spills, and other blemishes are easy to wipe away with no damage caused to the walls.

With such a wide range of colors, textures, and styles available for interior wall cladding, it's easy to customize your home at a fraction of the cost you'd normally expect. So if you're looking for an easy and stylish way to upgrade your home's interior walls, consider interior wall cladding - it might be exactly what you're after!

Easy installation

Wall cladding is an enticing surfacing solution if you're looking to save time and money on your construction or renovation project.

Not only does it make installation easy, but with its low-maintenance nature and easy repair capabilities, it ensures long-lasting results. The icing on the cake is that leading manufacturers like Keenhai provide factory-matched hardware for a perfect fit and finish, which means you don't have to worry about any imperfections when all is said and done.

Wall cladding is sure to save you time and money while providing beautiful aesthetic results!

Reinforced insulation performance

Interior wall cladding proves to be a thermal wall, significantly boosting the energy efficiency of any property it is applied to - an incredibly desirable effect in this energy-conscious day and age.

Not only does this thermal insulation reduce costs associated with air conditioning, but it also helps keep the interior of your home or business comfortable during both summer and winter seasons by regulating temperature and humidity levels.

In short, interior wall cladding is an effective method that improves thermal comfort and saves money in the long run!

Strong water resistance

Interior wall cladding is not only a great way to give your home an aesthetic boost, but it also comes with excellent water-resistance properties that can provide long-lasting protection.

With high-quality interior cladding, you can avoid the nightmare of dealing with water leakage and seepage, as you will be safeguarded against molds and other water-borne issues.

The best part is, it doesn’t even require much effort to avoid these common architectural problems – all you need is the right material!


When a project requires a bit of a financial stretch, interior wall cladding may seem like an unnecessary extra cost.

In actuality, though, the potential benefits that come with this cladding suggest it’s a far better investment in the long term than a simple expense. From protection against moisture to increased durability and a range of unique aesthetics, interior wall cladding can bring much more to your project than you expected—all while being a wise choice financially.

Whether you’re a contractor or have ventured in mind for yourself, make sure you seek out advice from professionals on the best type of cladding for your specific needs—and rest easy knowing it's a long-term investment.


Top 10 Interior Wall Cladding Options of Manufacturers

#1 Encasement Ltd

Encasement is the leader in cost-effective encasement solutions, with more than 20 years of experience in providing secure and stylish pipe boxing and column casings for an extensive range of sectors.

From public buildings and transport to retail outlets and leisure facilities, Encasement products have become a mainstay for new developments, commercial office refurbishment, social housing, and even the education sector.

In just two short years, they have increased their warehouse capacity by more than 70%, doubled the size of their facilities, created additional production capacity for bespoke products, and expanded their customer service operations to ensure complete satisfaction. Their commitment to sustainability is proven through their Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accreditation.

#2 R & A Office Environments

With 40 years of experience in the interior design industry, R & A Office Environments is a reputable provider of furniture, consumables, and ergonomic solutions to office establishments across Britain.

The company specializes in finding state-of-the-art products which provide comfort, atmosphere, and adequate back support for individuals with chronic back pain or skeletal dysfunctions.

Their impressive range of products has enabled them to work closely with many renowned organizations such as Woodstock Leabank, Bae Systems, and NWEH Avensure, leading to fewer staff absences due to musculoskeletal ailments.

#3 Meridian Building Plastics Ltd

Meridian Building Plastics Ltd prides itself on its professional and efficient approach to every one of its cladding projects.

Their time-tested techniques in developing construction and engineering solutions ensure lasting results with their highly weather-resistant PVC products that also boast flame-retardant capabilities.

To guarantee the highest quality, Meridian believes in its own products and tests innovative ideas on a regular basis. Customers can be confident knowing they are receiving superior installation and maintenance services from a reputable Middlesex-based company.

#4 BIF Services Ltd

BIF Services Ltd has earned a highly acclaimed reputation in the industry over the past 45 years due to its design and installation of superior quality wall, floor, and ceiling solutions.

Leveraging unique and innovative techniques, they are able to provide clients with an outstanding standard of service that goes above and beyond expectations. Their highly skilled professionals are more than happy to work collaboratively with clients, answering any questions and needs throughout the duration of the project.

BIF services encompass a variety of sectors such as aerospace secure accommodation, retail and commercial, hospitals, food production, and many others. Their expertise is invaluable for both domestic materials used in residential constructions as well as industrial areas like manufacturing or emergency services facilities.

#5 Extreme Rope Access Ltd

Extreme Rope Access Ltd is a fully-fledged rope access provider with extensive experience in delivering services for working at heights and garnering an excellent reputation along the way.

Their fully qualified and dedicated technicians are committed to ensuring that all of their client's needs are fully met, especially when it comes to vertical heights, over water, confined spaces, and roofs.

Moreover, Extreme Rope Access Ltd never fails to meet industry standards while offering solutions tailored to the needs of each individual situation- solutions that are designed to bring lasting results. When you entrust your project and safety needs to the hands of Extreme Rope Access Ltd, you can be assured that the job will be done right.

#6 Keenhai

Foshan Keenhai Metal Products Co., Limited is an esteemed professional and respected solution provider of metal architectural decoration. It provides design, engineering, and OEM fabrication of metal facade cladding, interior wall cladding, metal ceiling, roofing systems, sun louvers, fences & rails for most architectural projects.

The company is distinguished by its professional and experienced designing, engineering, and fabricating team as well as advanced equipment.

Additionally, their high production capacity allows them to achieve up to 100000 ㎡ cladding panels per year, 300000 ㎡metal ceilings per year, and 50000 other metal architectural products annually. This is testimony to their efficiency as well as professional standards of excellence.

#7 Spanlite UK

Spanlite UK Ltd is a well-established manufacturer of industrial construction solutions, based in Durham and highly experienced in the field.

The company works closely with its clients to make sure the finished product meets the highest standard and that the customer’s requirements are fulfilled. Spanlite prioritizes efficient service to all customers, including taking extra care on all projects.

Their lightweight steel building systems are perfect for a variety of structures such as workshops, garden centers, and car showrooms, making them the perfect fit for industries of all types. Not only do the products meet the highest standards, but they can also be supplied in the entirety of the UK as well as the Middle East, making their services truly extensive. All of this means that Spanlite UK Ltd stands out as one of the leading suppliers of industrial construction solutions throughout the world.

#8 Wall & Ceiling Solutions

Wall & Ceiling Solutions is the premier provider of bespoke office interior design solutions in the UK, providing refurbishment, partitioning, and landscaping services throughout Leeds, York, Sunderland, Newcastle, and the North East.

This Middlesbrough-based company has developed an impeccable record over thousands of commercial projects with regard to their affordable and reliable services. Customers can rest assured that Wall & Ceiling Solutions will work closely with them every step of the way to ensure they are satisfied with their desired outcome. With decades of experience in the industry and an incomparable commitment to customer satisfaction, Wall & Ceiling Solutions is guaranteed to supply you with lasting satisfaction.

#9 i WALL

i Wall is renowned for its high-quality interior design solutions, with a high level of expertise. Their experienced team of specialists works hard to surpass clients' expectations, all while ensuring the project remains within budget and meets extremely tight deadlines.

They understand that each interior design job is unique and strive to provide our customers with excellent service so they can relax knowing their project – regardless of its size – is in capable hands. With i Wall, you can find out deliver high-quality solutions that meet your specific requirements.

#10Polycote UK

Polycote UK is a leading name in the design and distribution of bespoke concrete repair solutions.

Established in 1991, their professional and friendly team has amassed more than 25 years' worth of practical experience and thorough product knowledge. This unparalleled expertise enables them to offer clients a reliable and efficient service from start to finish.

They have built a reputation for their professional yet personable approach, ensuring that all customers are treated with courtesy and respect. With so much unrivaled experience at its disposal, Polycote UK stands out as the ultimate provider when it comes to outstanding restoration services.



Internal wall cladding is a great investment because it offers many benefits in the long run.

We hope that after reading our article, you have a better understanding of how internal wall cladding works and why it is such a rewarding investment. Please tell us which manufacturer for interior wall cladding you would like to cooperate with in the comments below.

We value your opinion and look forward to hearing from you soon!



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